♣ a beastly point guard  with a bit (or more like a lot) of attitude, who has to work on his mid-range jumper, and actually smiles when he’s not being mr. grouchy pants.

Rajon Rondo Skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video)



Rajon Rondo during Game FIve between Celtics & Knicks

Rondo showed no emotion during this game (but when does he ever) but hey look at that CUTE FACE

05/02 - 73
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Rajon Rondo practices shooting and hang out at the TD Garden

LOOOOOOK AT MY BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04/04 - 100
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04/02 - 31
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03/23 - 236
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What can Rajon Rondo do next? - Lee Jenkins


I want to quote this whole damn article. You’ve probably already heard about the Connect Four thing and how he can’t bear to lose to 12 year olds. But there’s so much more:

Rondo’s style, creative and eccentric, is an expression of his personality. “Everybody wants to score, score, score,” he says. “So I want to pass. I like to be different. I could never be a follower.” When he was a boy, his friends wore Air Jordan sneakers, which forced him into Air Max. Even now, when the Celtics work out in green shirts, he chooses white. Coaches traditionally instruct players to shoot with their left hand on the left side of the rim, but Rondo uses his right, limiting exposure to the ball. In November he surprised an algebra class at Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester, and wound up giving an impromptu lesson. The teacher told him he solved equations in a way she had never seen before.

Rondo takes five showers on game days, the last one precisely 45 minutes before tip-off, because he does his best thinking in the water. He jumps out to scribble ideas, which can present problems, since he is a germaphobe who hates being barefoot. He keeps three or four pairs of shower shoes in his locker. “I’m a little OCD,” he admits. He guzzles five bottles of water on the drive to the arena so he doesn’t have to bother with Gatorade cups on the bench, and he tucks a tube of Carmex in his sock to keep his lips hydrated.

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