Rondo and his towel.

Rondo’s hands.

"That was not an easy game to win.. He had no practice time with his new team. They were down by 8 with 9;22 left and they won by 9, mostly because of James harden.”

With everything I do, I just try to be myself.

Tyson Chandler and Alex Morgan joined Action America, a coalition of Actionists dedicated to uniting & activating Americans everywhere to reclaim 9/11, this morning to ring the opening bell at NYSE.

Money will not make you happy. It’s most important that you need to be happy. You need to do something you want to do. I have a contract right now that will help me, my family, everything. But it’s not all.

Rajon Rondo Moments 6/∞

Rajon Rondo gets hit by a ball

Rajon Rondo Moments 5/∞

Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat Eastern Conference Finals Game Two

"I wanted to play every minute. I thought I didn’t hurt my team by playing every minute so I wanted to go out there and do the best for my team."