07/05 - 87
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07/05 - 5
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Awful awful awful game.

Rajon Rondo Skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video)



Rajon Rondo during Game FIve between Celtics & Knicks

Rondo showed no emotion during this game (but when does he ever) but hey look at that CUTE FACE

05/02 - 73
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“I’m a 14-year veteran. If you don’t know who I am by now, you will know after this series.” ~Jason Terry

i love him


Happy Friday! If your day isn’t going as good as everyone else’s remember that you can always take Ricky’s advice to Alexey Shved and just “change your face”.

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Carmelo Anthony is cheesin hard on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and deserves to, considering the week he’s had:

4/2 - scored 50 vs. Miami (18/26 from the field, 7/10 from three-point range)
4/3 - scored 40 vs. Atlanta (17/27 from the field)
4/5 - scored 41 vs. Milwaukee (17/28 from the field, 14 rebs)
4/7 - scored 36 vs. OKC (15/29 from the field, 12 rebs, 50% from three-point range)
4/7 - became #1 scorer in the league averaging 28.44 points a game, beating out Kevin Durant’s average of 28.35
4/8 - named Eastern Conference Player of the Week

Melo also has a lot to smile about considering the Knicks have won 12 straight since March 17th plus last week’s Eastern Conference Player of the Week was fellow Knickerbocker J.R. Smith. 

Or maybe we should all just take Ricky Rubio’s advice.