I don’t know why but I felt like crying really badly today.  I don’t know why/ It’s just sometimes you feel like life is going downhill and everything is horrible.

I don’t really openly talk about my feelings and actually this isn’t really about my feelings; this is a dedication post to Rajon Rondo.

Not only do I love him for how he plays and how adorable he is sometimes, I also admire him.  Rondo had a pretty bad childhood with his father leaving and growing up with certain factors and variables that could of lead him down the wrong road, and Rondo was pretty stubborn and ignorant as a kid too.  He would come to his high school basketball practice when he wanted and would often argue with his coach and there were just many things going on his life as he grew up.  I look to him as inspiration sometimes and not only him; I also look up at a lot of other NBA players as inspiration to me because they had a hard life/past too but they didn’t let it stop them from becoming who they are now.

Okay sorry this is getting really sappy guys. 

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The Greatest Ever

I feel like doing requests

Give me a player(s)/team! →

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I am pissed because I might not be able to watch the Team USA games because Dish is crap.



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Nba Jerseys To Feature Small Ads Starting In 2013-2014 Season
Not to steal Dylan Murphy’s thunder, but he’s exactly right. Folks, with the announcement NBA jerseys will begin donning small ads starting with the 2013-2014 season, we have officially gone […]

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A lot of people are over-doing this/ the ads are going to be one 2x2 inch logo on the shoulder of a jersey okay

but that doesn’t mean i approve of this hell no

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Wait so is the USA vs Argentina exhibition game a replay?  Is it because of the time zone difference

Because they already showed the final score…


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